Betting The NFL Preseason-What Have You Learned So Far?

nfl preseason betting

the rain affects an nfl cheerleader

We are two weeks into the NFL Preseason and the landscape of the current NFL regular season is slowly coming into view.

We’re pretty sure that even after the few amount of games played you have looked at the end result of the games (and the bets you placed) and thought ‘wow, that didn’t go the way I had planned’….and so goes when betting the NFL.

That is what makes the NFL preseason so dynamic, but this is why betting against the ‘norm’ will put money in your pocket, not take money out of it.

Some of the observations we have made after two preseason weeks in the NFL:

First team offense playing against second team defense

There have been a few games where the first string offense comes out after the second team defense has reached the field.  Advantage?  Offense, naturally.  Hints have been given to this strategy in the reports from local papers.  If you are skilled enough to find this information (it isn’t as hard as you think) you might have an advantage.

First team defense playing against second team offense

Ditto.  See above.  Coaches and players talk about these things more loosely in the preseason and anyone who catches wind of that information would be considered to have some valuable if you were going to bet the NFL preseason.

Starting quarterback playing only one series

See: Brett Favre.  There was a tremendous amount of hype surrounding Favre’s return to the field.  This drove tons of money to the Vikings.  When we see that type of swing in betting we always look the other way, if we felt like we have an advantage knowing that Favre probably wouldn’t play much.  Let’s face it, he’s been in camp one week-if that.  Did you really expect him to play a full quarter, much less a full half?


The rain has had an impact already.  The Browns Rams match up went under 37 , but barely.  All reports from this game spoke of the Browns offensive game plan airing it out with the first and second team QB’s.  The Rams game plan was to get Bradford more attempts to go down the field and showcase his arm.  While the game started out with a good amount of points, the weather changed those strategies or at least it slowed it down.

So what should you be looking at for NFL preseason week 3 bets?

Start looking at games and lines that don’t look quite right to you.  Go and read the local reports for both teams and try and discover what their game plans might look like.  They might speak about their intentions as the week goes on.  If you can hold out until the broadcast starts, and the bet deadline hasn’t been met, the broadcasters will shed insight into what those game plans are.  Some teams will run with the starters for an entire half.  Some teams will play their first teamers for the first series of the third quarter.

What coaches want to win at all costs, preseason or not?  Think Belichick.

Is the second team for Team A stronger than the second team for Team B?  Start looking into who these players are and what the coach has in store for those teams in week 3.  NFL preseason betting is easier to handicap once you equip yourself with knowledge you can acquire with minimal research.