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Why You MUST Have a Account If You Are Serious About Betting Sports

Lets first make quick a disclosure before continuing with the important information. If you happen to click any of the .com links throughout this website or this post and deposit money into a .com account we may earn a small commission from that action. We sincerely thank those who do, as it helps us reduce the expenses needed to maintain the site. Those who have already done so, your help is much appreciated.

If you are going to be serious about a sports betting future, a .com account is a must. There is a function on their website that (if used correctly) gives a sharp bettor some invaluable insight into the mind of the square bettors of the world.

Lets say you are in the market for an online sportsbook and want to deposit money into this book and start playing. You search ‘Sportsbook’ or even ‘online sports book’ into a search engine. The first site that pops up is .com. It is said that the site that is in this first position (for whatever it is you are looking for) receives about 40-50% of all of the internet traffic for those terms. This is a massive amount of traffic, making the site very valuable (from a statistical standpoint) for the end user who knows how to manipulate certain data that provides you.

The data I am talking about in this case is their ‘betting trends’ data. For most sports they cover, .com shows you the percentages of money that each team is bet on.

For example: In the NFL, Team A plays Team B. Lets look at the point spread in this game. Team A is -3. Team B is +3. Team A, the favorite, has a percentage of 57% on that -3. Team B has a percentage of 43% on their +3. This simply means that 57% of all of the money that has been bet on this game has been bet on Team A at -3.

Now, if you know enough about public betting patterns and are skilled enough to recognize when the public is overvaluing a team, this information that .com’s search engine position comes in handy.  One can reasonably expect that because they rank so high and are so reputable, their betting pools are very, very large.   As in statistically relevant.  They are especially large for prime time televised games–so you don’t have to worry about seeing Team A playing Team B and also seeing the 57/43 percentage split and suspecting that in actuality only $57 total dollars was bet on Team A and $43 was bet on Team B.  You can assume that if this is a prime time game (the public loves the prime time game and loves the favorite) there is a significant amount of ‘square’ money being bet.  Now, you have an advantage.

The research doesn’t just stop here–you are going to have to find which percentages work in your favor and which do not but this sports betting data is crucial if you are going to be a long term successful bettor.  We suggest that if you do not have an account with .com you open one for yourself and get started studying those percentages and the outcomes of the games that interest you.  This will put you at a major advantage and hopefully earn you major profits.

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