Golden Systems Bookie Buster is a sports betting newbie’s dream

If you can get past the grammatical errors, has mathematical sports betting systems that do not re-invent the wheel but are based on old, sound betting principles–and they win you money. They are not sexy and exciting but the win percentages certainly look good.

The contains 20+ betting systems to use, much of those systems center around baseball season. The chapters have been tweaked and updated; some have been removed and new betting systems have been added. has performed the research for you. Simple sports betting systems to use right away–you need not know how the sports are played. Just plug in the games and collect your cash.

A very valuable incentive of the program is receiving a free sports pick for life. It arrives via email every day. We measure the value of a product by its longevity and relevance and getting free betting picks every day guarantees getting maximum use out of this eBook package. I believe the free sports pick win rate is over 55%.

While we don’t focus our efforts here on casino gambling, Bookie Buster offers casino betting systems also. A nice touch as it will appeal to the masses, but most of the exhaustive research done to make this eBook so successful was done creating betting systems for the major sports.

If you have the time and the inclination to put together well researched than bypass this one. If you are newer and ready to make money very quickly to build your bankroll then you need this book. Well worth the price paid for the value especially since it leans towards . The season is a long one.