World Cup 2010–USA Win and You’re In

"The World Cup Goal That Wasnt"

No Goal!!

If you were not much into soccer before that last game, well, maybe you are now. While it appeared the United States scored their 3rd goal of the game, coming down from a 2-0 deficit, the referees thought otherwise and took the goal away. Blasphemy! The spotlight is now on a game and a team that takes the last row of seats to the NFL, NBA, and MLB in the US. Hey, if controversy has to drive interest, I’ll take it.

One win and the United States is in. It is really that simple. Interesting how all of the deciding games will be played simultaneously….and that referee has been ‘benched’. I will be watching very closely to this game against Algeria. Have you become interested? This game doesn’t quite fit into any sports betting systems I employ so it will be a no play for me–can’t say the same for most of the folks I’ll be spending time with tomorrow morning. There will be a lot of money bet on this game and I see the majority of it going to the US for a victory. There might be some small value in the tie. I will be rooting hard for a winner.