What Will The 2010-2011 NBA Team Wins Futures Bets Look Like?

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LeBron & Dewayne Embrace

It appears as though LeBron James is set to rip the already broken hearts right out of every Cleveland sports fan on live television tonight as he makes known his choice of basketball residency for the forseeable future.  While that is another topic of discussion in and of itself, his decision is being watched very carefully by the odds makers around the world.  His choice in cities is sure to shake up any NBA futures bet for team wins in 2010-2011.  NBA futures bets, especially the wins totals, happen to be one of our favorite bets.  It fits into some sports betting systems that we created based upon free agent moves and acquisitions during each NBA offseason.  What effect on total wins does his presence on any team have?  Our predictions for team wins for next NBA season with the addition (or subtraction) of LeBron James goes a little something like this:

Miami Heat without LeBron James 55.5

Miami Heat with LeBron James 67.5

Cleveland Cavaliers without LeBron James 44

Cleveland Cavaliers with LeBron James 63

New York Knicks without LeBron James 41

New York Knicks with LeBron James 50.5

Chicago Bulls without LeBron James 48.5

Chicago Bulls with LeBron James 56

New Jersey Nets without LeBron James 30.5

New Jersey Nets with LeBron James 46.5

We left the Clippers out of the equation as they were never really a contender in the Lebron James free agent sweepstakes.  This assumes that the teams stay exactly intact as they are today–no more free agent moves to be made–with Miami being the exception.  We assume Bosh & Wade both sign there.

Sports bettors may want to track these results or adjust your bets based on what free agent moves are made the rest of the summer.  We feel like for most teams that have a decent enough nucleus, LeBron James adds around 7-8 wins to the futures totals.  For teams with a clear lack of talent, and because LeBron James makes so many of his role players better than they are without him, he adds many more wins to their totals.  Have fun with this one sports bettors.