The Sports Betting Professor Review–Updated

The Sports Betting Professor

The objective at GSBS is to review sports betting material that will aide you in your betting careers, whether professionally, recreationally, or both.  We are obviously fond of the sports betting systems in the Bookie Buster eBook and spoke about it.  Having been in and around the industry for so long, there isn’t a betting system, book, website or strategy we have not implemented.  While we encourage you to go out and create betting systems on your own by testing and retesting, we know some of you do not have the time or the inclination to create those betting systems but still want to enjoy winning and profiting from sports betting.

There are quite a few informational that were created especially for the individual who wants quick results and we have recommended a few of those products, albeit very briefly, in past posts.  Our goal is to review the majority of those products and provide enough material for you to make an educated decision on which product is best for you.

The stigma in sports betting is that the house always wins over the long term.  This simply isn’t the case.  Books need people to win over the long term as long as most lose, and most do.  Additionally, you do not have to be a professional sports bettor to make money betting sports but you do need some sort of system to prevent you from losing an entire bankroll.

The sports betting system is a system we have yet to review–until now.  We preface this review by saying that a great majority of proven, winning betting systems are based upon mathematical probabilities.  They have next to nothing to do with the emotion of the game itself.  Most recreational sports bettors enjoy having action on games simply to make watching them more exciting.  While there is nothing wrong with watching games you bet on, we suggest removing all emotion from the bet selection process and playing games that fit into a mathematical betting system only.  This ensures profit sooner than later.

The is another series of mathematical sports betting systems that have been time tested and proven and work only when applied correctly and with discipline.  Yes, the systems work.  We’ve used some of the methods for years.  Some of the MLB systems we have tweaked even further to increase our probabilities while decreasing the amount of bets placed within the system.

The gives their first 30 days of winning sports betting picks for $5.  They almost give those picks away initially.  You can do this when the systems stay the same year in and year out.  Nothing changes.   The documents you receive from them walk you through, in a simple to understand manner, how to utilize the , what point spreads to key on, which teams to bet and for how much money.  All of the hard work done for you in a personal email every day.

They offer a betting formula package in addition to the betting picks.  There is also a personal guarantee that comes along with the packages–good business move on their part.

We put our stamp of approval on The .  They are responsive, the product delivers and the support is exceptional.