John Morrison the Sports Betting Champ’s Systems…97% Win Rate??

If it looks like you know what and it smells like you know what…….etc etc.  While I would venture to say that it is impossible to go 97% all you have to do is go into every sports betting forum on the internet to see that there are a lot of people using these sports betting systems.  There must be something that works with the so I would not pass up an opportunity to make money.  Of all of the sports betting systems that exist today this system is the most discussed and probably the most widely used.  Every sports betting forum that is worth it’s weight in gold has multiple forum topics on the Sports Betting Champ and the systems he uses.  My suggestion?  Buy it.  Once you have figured out how to use them, manipulate the systems based on your sports betting preferences and your systems will turn out, well, golden.