Chasing Bets-The Worst Sports Betting System Around

chasing women rather than bets

If you're gonna THIS.

Admit it.  You’ve done it already.

You got moosed this weekend and it pissed you off so much that you blatantly threw another $200 or so on a team and a game you should probably never have an interest in in the first place.

In my non professional betting career, I have lost many a remote following that same lame brain bet chasing system-not to mention the money.  As a professional of over 13 years now, I have learned not only to cut my losses, but to never watch the game in the first place.  That’s a whole other topic in and of itself.

So you chased the bad beat and wouldn’t you know it, you lost that next bet too.  Now you want to break something expensive.  I say, let it go.  The bet, I mean.  Hey, if it destroying that beautiful brass statue in your indoor courtyard prevents you from chasing the next bet, break it.  Chasing bets is the direct path to sports betting hell.  It is guaranteed to bankrupt you and cause you more grief than you should have to deal with.  Trust me–I’ve more than learned my lesson doing it.

Looking at your bankroll in sports betting as something that will grow over a long period of time with ups and downs along the way should deter you from chasing bets.  What stock doesn’t have a down day?  Surely your 401k has dipped in the past.  Do you watch both in real time all the time?  Of course not.  Not watching the game you just bet on in real time is starting to sound pretty smart, isn’t it?

There are tons of chase betting systems in existence, but the worst type of chase bet is chasing a bad loss with another bad loss.  This only complicates things even more.  If you are simply throwing money on top of lost money to try and get back what you feel was ‘taken’ from you it’s probably not coming back the second time around either.  Cut your losses.  There isn’t a chase betting system on the planet that calls for doubling down blindly.

Remember the basics–solid handicapping, fundamental mathematics, money discipline.  These sports betting systems are tried and true.