Beginner’s Bet Tracking & Statistical Relevance Database Coming Soon

Thank you all for your interest in this product! It is about 70% of the way complete and my list has blown up in the past month as demand for the sheet grows. For those of you who are unaware of what this product is–it is an excel spreadsheet created for those folks who are newer to sports betting and who want to track their long term performance. It is actually quite simple–we create the format and you input your data. It will have (among other things) a list of every game for the three major sports–MLB, NBA, and NFL. You plug in your bet, the dollar amount, and your results. Easy to use and simple enough to learn. If you would like to see more sports included, email us at the email address at the end of this post.

This will require a very basic understanding of excel and/or statistics. If you struggle with excel or don’t know it at all, we recommend two books. The first is the and the second is . Both books are excellent resources and are easy to understand. You certainly don’t need both; one or the other will do.

I would like some additional help and I am asking those of you interested to help in the process of finalizing this product. My only pressing question is this–the name of the database. I need a great one! You can email us your name for the product and we will grant the person who comes up with the best name for the database a free copy for themselves.

Please send any email correspondence to sharpside (at) live (dot) com.