The 2010 NFL Betting Season Is Just Around The Corner

It is time to start thinking about football season.  I know I can’t wait.  Want to bet on your favorite football team soon?  NFL online sports betting is now available in the form of futures bets for win totals as well as NFL week one lines for the 2010 NFL football season.  Several sportsbooks that accept regular NFL wagers on sporting events around the world are beginning to offer those NFL bets for you to place.

Before I mention some well-known sites on the internet that offer NFL online sports betting, I bet you would be pleased to discover that hundreds of people from around the world consider NFL online sports betting as its rise in popularity extends outside of the United States.  Tons of have been created worldwide around the NFL betting season.  It is also a fact that NFL online sports betting offers football fans many more benefits than your local bookie could possibly offer.

Examples of those benefits are phone lines that don’t stay backed up with calls, and no worrying about collecting payments or deposits.  I would be surprised if you found a local bookie who took prop bets or futures bets as well.  Aside from that, NFL online sport betting allows you to obtain signup bonuses and even reduced vig (juice) on certain days, as well as free bets at times through customer appreciation comps or player rewards programs.

Betting NFL online sports betting early in the season gives you the chance to obtain some favorable lines or odds.   So, unlike your local bookies that know they can railroad you on a betting line for the reason that they’ve recognized that they are the only sports bookie available in town, online-based NFL sports betting provides betting lines that are similar but can also vary considerably—which leads to arbitrage opportunities as well as middling opportunities.

Now, if you are really interested to know where exactly online you can bet on your favorite football team, consider the following sports books.   These sports books are said to be two of the largest NFL online sports betting sites available.

has long been considered as a 5-star NFL online sports betting portal by many sports betting enthusiasts.  Perhaps what sets apart from its counterparts is the fact that they are much more financially solid (than their online sportsbook counterparts) and will undoubtedly pay your winnings upon request.  As they were looking for seed money in the early stages of their development they were able to solidify a financial agreement with a heavy hitter in the sports betting industry.  This loan acquisition was of an amount that guaranteed keeping them in operation long after their launch and allowed them to focus on growth and not breaking even in three months.  Aside from that, this sports betting site has a huge player base and is well-managed—it’s all sports betting industry veterans running the show there.

Today, offers up to $250 in bonuses for their bettors—almost unheard of in today’s bonus arena.  They also process deposits by way of allowing their customers to employ their checking accounts if they wish to consider instant transfer of funds.


.com is one of the best NFL online sports betting books available on the web.  Here, you will encounter faster payouts and they have a lengthy history online (they started in November 1998) which has long been appreciated by thousands of players.  They are a familiar face on the sports betting block.  Also, this NFL online sports betting site has a solid reputation for acquiring deposits and they offer a reduced vig (juice) betting option on Fridays, and reduced juice is more financially beneficial to a sports bettor than a lot of other incentives. 

.com also offers money lines on every single game and they grade games fast which means that your winnings are deposited into your account quickly and easily.  Their website interface is user friendly.  You can enjoy in-game betting, more prop bets than most sportsbooks and free bets as an incentive to have more action.