College Football Saturday–09/11/10

virgin breaking the rules

Rules were meant to be broken.

Another Saturday, another crop of easy picks. What a life.  We’ll keep this post short and sweet so you can continue your handicapping and beer drinking.  Or so we can continue drinking and handicapping.

We have a guaranteed winner starting at noon tomorrow and the winning won’t stop until late in the evening!  There are so many mismatches against the spread tomorrow we can hardly contain ourselves.

Single picks can be purchased below.

The triple play package can be found below.

Remember, two of the three games need to win in order for the package to win.  Since the picks are guaranteed, if they lose, you get it all back.

Season Passes can be found below.  This package has the best value, as you will receive two to four picks every week for the entire college football regular season.  You get every pick before the bowl season starts.  One time offer with no refunds.  You get the entire game breakdown just as you would every other pick.

VIP’ers……you know just ‘about’ where to go to find your special package;)

Get at it folks….we have some serious money to win.