A Variation Of The Martingale Sports Betting Systems for Betting Baseball

For those of you unfamiliar with the Martingale betting system I will break it down in simple terms. Lets say you are flipping a coin. You choose heads. You win if heads comes up and you lose if tails comes up. The coin lands on tails. You lose your bet. You double your next bet to cover your first loss and provide a profit for the second flip. You keep betting heads until it turns up. Eventually, it will. You continue doubling your bet and providing enough room to profit that when heads finally hits, you recover all of your previous losses and still profit on your win. Sounds like a sure thing since tails won’t turn up every time, right?

Anyone see the problem with this strategy? You guessed it. Betting limits. Some of you have infinite wealth, but would never win long term using the Martingale strategy because the betting limit cuts you off from placing the the very large bets. Advantage: Book. This is one of those sports betting systems that sounds good in theory but will never work in real practice. Unless, of course……

Lets talk baseball losing streaks. What if you placed a bet on a team (to win) with a losing streak of 8 games? In order to see if this is a possible winning strategy, we need a few things. Of all of the losing streaks that carried on longer than 8 games, say, last year, how many more losses did it take for the team with the losing streak to finally win? I am talking only about moneyline wagers and not runline wagers in this argument.

Does it stand to reason that the team with the losing streak is close to breaking that streak based on your research regarding long term losing streaks and their eventual end? Would implementing the Martingale sports betting system here prove to work? I would venture to say that the devil is in the details here. Sports betting systems such as the Martingale system may not work in every circumstance but the odds of it working to your advantage in a situation like the one above may just increase your odds of winning more sports bets and profiting.