2010 NFL Preseason Week One Games–Tons Of Value Early

How Cute, Terrell

We never used to bet preseason NFL games.  We wouldn’t even bother checking the lines.  We would work feverishly at constructing regular season NFL betting systems up until the hour before the regular season kickoff.

Then, a funny thing occurred while applying the research we were conducting for the regular season lines to the preseason.  The statistics were overwhelmingly in our favor (in the preseason) for some NFL betting systems we had originally discovered for the regular season.  Strange, I know.

We went back and tested the sports betting systems for 20 years of NFL preseason games and the patterns we were seeing in early line setting was consistent with data we could manipulate in our favor.  Thus, our NFL preseason betting system was born.

There are certain factors that we always consider when betting preseason NFL games.  They are:

Home Field Advantage

Turf Teams vs. Grass Teams

Last Year’s Hype

Strength Of Reserves

Weather (Rain) Where Applicable

This is a short list, but there are quite a bit of conclusions to draw from each of those categories.  We could write full chapters on each variable, but that would bore even the most astute statistician in the room.  The bottom line on all of that is when searching for value in your number the aforementioned list should never be overlooked.

The first NFL preseason game in 2010 is Dallas vs. Cincinnati.  An interesting matchup, even if only interesting for one quarter.  T.O. and Ochocinco on the field together.  T.O.’s tumultuous past with the Cowboys.  Boy are the Bengals in for a surprise this season.  Terrell Owens simply cannot help himself.  I mean he is already bragging that he is the sole reason attendance has exploded at the Bengals training camp.  Poor Carson Palmer.  Hey, it looks good on paper.

Cinci -2.5

Dallas +2.5

This is a no play for us since it is being played on a neutral field.  Had this game been played in Dallas and the line stayed the same, we may have looked for some teaser options with some of the other (yet to be released) lines for NFL preseason week one betting.

There may be value in that line, but with just one game on the card we will wait patiently for the rest of the numbers to post.  If you bet during the NFL preseason, try and get in on the action early.  There will be plenty of soft lines that you will easily catch before the ‘airmoves’ take place.  Consider the strength of the reserves–they play the majority of the game in week one.

We favor point spread betting to totals when betting NFL preseason games, unless rain will be a factor.  It is harder to find value in the totals for the early preseason games because the first team plays infrequently.

If you are interested in our preseason NFL betting system, simply sign up on the right hand side of our site.  It is a high value NFL betting system that we have been using for almost a decade now.  Not only will you get the winning picks, you get the system with it.