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Sports Betting Tips For Sportsbooks Rule Changes

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One plus one was three, wasn't it?

Many bettors have a tendency to ignore the basic rules of their sportsbook since most sports betting rules tend to be the same everywhere. Regardless, there are some cases that turn up that will make you tear your hair out if you don’t understand the important rules that have been set by a particular sportsbook.

Basically here, I’m talking about two cases where you will be left wondering “Did I just win?” The first illustration comes from figuring out when a game is considered complete in the eyes of a sportsbook.

When we’re talking about sports betting tips only occasionally will you see an NFL game called based on the weather conditions or the arena losing power in an NHL game, but it has indeed happened. The usual rules for these type of situations in the NFL, NBA, and NHL is when there is 5 minutes or less left in the match, then it’s considered the official ending.

Now this issue becomes even more important during the Major League Baseball season. Weather has canceled a countless number of games over the years and it is important to know when your game is final. If you have taken a money line in a game, it must go past five innings (or four and a half if the home team is ahead) for a game to be official.

However, just remember that it is different for run lines and totals. These two type of wagers must go the full 9 innings (or again, 8.5 if the home team is ahead) in order for the game to be complete. If you took the Red Sox up six runs for the game, and then it was called after 8 innings, then your wager would be considered void. This is a tough hit, but when these cancellations land in your favor, it can really save you big time.

The second illustration happens when a bettor pushes on a parlay or a teaser. The rules for these types of bets vary for every sportsbook. Some go with the notion that a push is a tie and the bet is canceled, or some will say that a push is a loss.

An important tip to remember is to be clear about the rules with your bookie before any problems like this come up. This is important because if you are using a local bookmaker, they often lean towards making the rules in their favor as compared to an online sportsbook where they tend to be more fair.

Just be sure to clear up any misconceptions you have with your bookmaker. I, and countless others have been burnt by this issue in the past, and it can really do serious damage as stakes go up. The point is, you don’t want the weather to be a contributor to you losing the pot!

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