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The Sports Betting Champ John Morrison Is At It Again

John Morrison, the man, the myth, the legend.

Aren’t you tired of searching for the free magic system that is going to make you millions betting sports as a career?  It doesn’t exist.  That’s a pipe dream.  You are going to have to invest in a sports betting systems of some sort that has been tested and proven and I suggest you start with the Sports Betting Champ.  Don’t prolong the inevitable like most people do.  Take action and make something of the investment you make.

When The is reviewed on the basis of cost, you will see that it is a sports betting system that is very cost effective. When you review its’ cost compared to the costs of getting the same type of information elsewhere the difference will stand out. To get the same type of reliable information elsewhere you only have a few options and they are all quite expensive. The only truly reliable options are going to a professional sports handicapper (umm, people still do this?) or purchasing statistics sheets and using that information to determine picks (yeah, this won’t take you forever to figure out, lol). Both of these have downsides, the first of which is the cost and with the statistic sheets time also becomes a major downside. There are of course the same old unreliable sources, such as free picks on the Internet or out of the local paper, by trying a “free” system , or using your old system that has never really worked.

First, lets start with The . It has a one time cost of just under $200 at the time of this article. Now that may seem like a lot of money, especially to the occasional sports bettor, but it is actually a small amount. For that investmentfr, you get the sports betting system developed by , who has a PhD in Statistics om Cornell University and has developed this system over many years with huge sample sizes of games. You can then use the system and its parameters to make picks that have won at a great percentage over years, even decades, not months. You also get free picks (daily)atemailed to you by , so if you choose not to run the system yourself, you can just use the picks that are emailed to you. So, basically you get a winning sports betting system and emailed picks, both for only one payment and both with no expiration and almost no time required if desired.  Why do you think this system is so popular?  Value.  That’s why.

Now lets move to the services of a professional sports handicappers. There are a lot of these types of services available, so the first thing you need to do is to spend a lot if time determining which handicapper is the one to go with. This could be easy, as they all seem to have great records and make tons of money, but you should follow up on some of the claims. So, after you determine who seems the most accurate about their claims you can then look at the costs.  There records?  All garbage.  Documented?  By who?  Go ahead and fall for it.  Personally, I would rather have a reference that I could refer back to daily and PROVE.

Do you remember when I said that just under $200 for The Sports Betting Champ System was a small amount? Well now you will understand why. Most of these services charge at least $300 and some over $500 for one season of picks for one sport. Or, they will offer you one day of picks for $20 to $30 so you can try out their service. For this cost you usually will get anywhere from 1 to 5 picks per day on the sport that you paid for. From the research that I have done, most of these services claim to win anywhere from 60% to 70% of their picks, with some claiming higher. For the cost of the service, you will need high winning percentages to cover the added cost of the service. Then, you will have to pay again for the next season and again if you want to bet on another sport.

The other method is to purchase statistics services and use their sheets to find picks. There are actually 2 downsides to following this method. The first downside is the same one as using the sports handicappers. To get the detailed information from a reliable source will cost you about the same as using a handicapper. Although you do get information for more then one sport, you are still going to pay at least $300 for one year and up to $500 or more for premium services. Now for the 2nd downside. Time and a lot of it is needed to go through and analyze the information on the sheets. It is often overwhelming, as these are the same types of sheets the pros are using. Unless you are doing sports betting full time or if have been a sports bettor for a long time already, this is going to take some time. It will probably take you at least 4-5 hours to get a few picks. This is now something you will have to do every day and pay for every year.

I am not going to spend much time on free tips or using a personal system as most of these methods do not end well. If you want to win consistently and have sports betting make you the type of money it is capable of, then you need to follow a consistent winning system. All three of the methods mentioned above have that potential, but you have to look at what you are getting compared to the costs needed to get results and also the amount of time you will have to put in to get those results.

As you can see, when the costs of The by are compared to the costs of other comparable services there is a clear winner. On cost alone, the sports betting system will save you money in just one season and these savings will continue season after season without any additional costs. This is in comparison to the handicappers and statistic services which will cost you more initially and then have on going costs season per season and sport per sport.

This all boils down to being as low risk as one could possibly get.  Yes, there are people driving around in luxury cars that were purchased with winnings from this system.  When I stopped thinking like a newbie cheap ass recreational lose-every-time sports bettor and really took the time to focus on something that had proven past results, I saw the light.

You will too.  .

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12 NBA Mini Sports Betting Systems & Tips To Get You Started

nba sports betting systems

Betting The NBA Starts Right Here

It’s October, and that means that basketball is right around the corner. Here are some NBA betting tips to help you win your wagers throughout the NBA season.

1. Look for reasons to bet against the public teams. Certain teams always get treated like champions even when they don’t play like champions. The Lakers are a prime example of this theory. Yes, Kobe is a great player, but one great player isn’t enough of a reason to pay a premium when wagering.

2. Play the over/under for value. The totals wager is one where you can really get some value if you do your homework. Look for high scoring teams at home, teams with good shooting percentages and teams that make a lot of threes. And, of course, look for teams that don’t play defense. Be careful with the overs early in the season, though, until the shooters really hit their stride and the defenses soften up.

3. Take a look at the player prop bets. This is another place to find some value, especially with a superstar player getting an unusually high or low number. Check the player’s average stats per game, and then take a look at how he has done against individual teams in the past. Make sure to be confident in your pick however, because these wagers come with inflated juice.

4. Don’t forget about futures bets before the season begins. If you have a good line on how you think a team will fare, don’t be afraid to lay some wood on it. Make sure you bet money that you don’t mind having tied up for the duration of the season.

5. Do your homework. Scour injury reports, study the box scores, watch as many games as you can and read the relevant websites, including the sites of the local papers of the teams you are following. Being a winning gambler is about exploiting tiny edges, and so the more you know, the more it may help you. Use caution though, because the people who set the lines will probably have even more information than you do.

6. Specialize. Pick a couple of teams that you can devote some time to follow closely, and a particular type of bet that you feel comfortable with, and try to get an advantage in this way. Keep it simple.

7. Consider the halftime lines. Watch the first half of a game that you’re wagering on, see what’s going on, who’s hot, who’s in foul trouble, etc., then check the second-half lines, and wager from a position of strength, if you feel that you are getting good value on your bet.

8. Always shop around for the best lines. The Internet makes this easy to do. Open a few accounts and do not overpay for a wager. A point here or there may not seem like much, but over the long term, it’s absolutely huge.

9. Be responsible. Don’t bet money you can’t afford to lose, and be sure to employ the principles of sound money management. Use a percentage of bankroll system whereby you bet the same small percentage of your total bankroll (say 1 percent) on each individual wager. This protects your downside while increasing the amount of your wagers as your bankroll grows.

10. The most important decision you make as a gambler may be deciding which games NOT to bet on. Part of the advantage that you have as an individual gambler is the ability to pick and choose which games you want to bet on, and which ones to pass on.

11. Focus on match-ups when picking sides, position by position. Also, take a look at a team’s recent performance, and for instance, where it is on a road trip. If an east-coast team is at the end of a long road trip out west, they may be looking ahead to the trip home and not play as well as the other factors would suggest.

12. Pace yourself. The NBA is a marathon, not a sprint. Remember, it’s a long season, and there will be ups and downs. Try to go with the flow, and learn as much as you can as the season progresses. Hopefully, by the end, you will be up.

Well, hopefully you are a little more prepared for the NBA season. Eighty-two games from now, you will have another year under your belt. But for now, have fun and good luck, and remember, it’s only a game.

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Early NBA Sports Betting Systems–Start Here

nba sports betting systems

These NBA Sports Betting Systems WORK. Use Them.

Betting basketball is the second most popular bet behind betting on football. In a season where every team plays 82 games, there are many opportunities for bettors to find incorrect lines and use those lines to their advantage. The general betting public forces lines to be set a certain way. That line isn’t always a ‘sharp’ line. There are even more opportunities during the playoffs to profit from lines that are influenced by public betting patterns.

In the NBA, certain situations make for better bets than others. If you seek out these instances, your odds of success in basketball betting is sure to increase.

Primetime Television

On certain days, there are only a few basketball games on the slate. Of those few games, there may be one or two NBA games that will be televised nationally. If this is the case, you can be sure that most of the money bet in the NBA will be bet on the nationally televised games. Look at the line. Is the home team an underdog? It is well understood that NBA players give (at best) 70% effort during the course of the season, especially early in the season. They will however give maximum effort when they know all eyes will be on them. If you find an instance where most of the attention is being paid on the prime time game and the home team is an underdog, betting that underdog may be a good bet. If you are new to NBA basketball betting, start here.

Games That Are A Pick’em

What I mean by a pick’em is the point spread is set at 0. According to the sports book, both teams are evenly matched-so much so that there is no point spread for the game. Usually when there is a ‘pick’em’ game on the card, the public will over bet one of those teams. When this occurs, bet the other side. Remember, most people who bet on basketball bet the popular teams first, regardless of the situation. NBA basketball betting should not be difficult and this is an easy situation to exploit.

The First Half

If you have ever bet an NBA game, you know that the most intense action occurs in the second half. Most of that action takes place in the last two minutes. This is an opportunity to capitalize on weak first half lines set by sports books. First, find out what the line was set for the entire game. Was it a low point spread, meaning the sports book considers the outcome to be close? Is one team obviously stronger than the other, on paper at least? This looks like a situation where the underdog (or the team that is less popular in the eyes of the betting public) is a good bet for the first half. These teams usually come out strong, only to wear out in the second half.

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Enter To Win An Advanced Copy Of Our NFL Instant Cash System Package

Here’s the deal.  We’re so excited about this new information that were giving one lucky shmuck the package immediately.  No landing page.  No pretty graphics.  Just the straight up nuts & bolts.

The contents of this package include ten instant NFL sports betting systems that hit at 60% or over.

They are instant winners–meaning you wake up Sunday at about 12:00 noon.  Get coffee, brush your teeth, and fire up the computer.  open up the book, find any system of the ten that applies for that given day’s game, and plug in your winner.  By 4 p.m., you’ve already collected your cash.  Instant money–just add water.  NFL sports betting systems that produce profits instantly, just they way we like it.

bet the nfl for free by signing up

She's Also A Masseuse

The catch?  Sign up for our free picks email service.  That’s it.  Nothing more, nothing less.  No, we don’t spam the you-know-what out of you.  That is counterproductive.  Simply enter your name and email and the rest is history.  One of you lucky SOB’s is going to win a package that is going to retail for $99.  I want to charge double for it….

I have nothing else of substance to report, for now….  Sign up on our homepage, we’ll pick a winner, and the rest is history!  60% winners….and you’ll get 10 systems that you can play instantly.  Betting the NFL has never been easier.  It’s never been this cheap, either.  Cheap as in FREE.  That’s right.  Don’t forget it.

What the hell are you waiting for?

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Simple Sports Betting Systems–Fading The Public

sports betting window

Gimme the favorite, please

Here’s the thing….. I use one of the best statistical systems for picking winners in the NFL and NBA, as well as NCAA Football so that is a formula that I am going to stick to. But there are some other strategies, and there is more key information that can help the everyday player.

One of the most popular strategies and one that has risen in popularity in the last 10 years is called ‘Betting Against the Public.’ This is a theory that becomes fairly self-evident to anyone who has ever taken action. You see the calls or clicks coming in on one side of a game and you almost start to think that people must have a copy of tomorrow’s newspaper. And your first reaction is… my God, I’m going to get crushed!

But you have patience and you keep your cool and ‘whaddaya know’ – more often than not you WIN those kinds of games. The reason? Well it is the same reason casinos or bookies do not get busted by their players: the vast majority of people who bet do not have the first clue about sports betting. So they will bet on their favourite team, or the most popular team regardless of the spread.

That is why casinos have taken to dealing a ‘double line,’ one for their sharp players and one for the so-called ‘squares.’ That is something I will get into later but for right now lets talk about how you can profit from this sports betting strategy of betting against the public. One of the most legendary (and outlandish) sports handicappers of all-time, Stu Feiner, recently said in an interview, “My strategy is based all on going against public opinion. Anybody who says they have a proven handicapping strategy is telling ‘porky pies’. The only thing that works is going against the public.”

Now obviously I disagree with Stu’s overall assessment because he does not address the usefulness of statistics and historical data that really matter. But if you are talking about the vast majority of sports handicappers that make it up as they go along, Stu is dead on.

The problem then becomes how do you know where the money is going? Well, maybe you know someone who works at one of the premier offshore books? But chances are that is not likely. The ‘betting trends’ function on’s website is a great gauge for where the public money goes–that is where you want to start your research.

Is simply fading the public a profitable sports betting system in and of itself?  Not necessarily.  But it is a great start, you just need to handicap backwards from there.

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Chasing Bets-The Worst Sports Betting System Around

chasing women rather than bets

If you're gonna THIS.

Admit it.  You’ve done it already.

You got moosed this weekend and it pissed you off so much that you blatantly threw another $200 or so on a team and a game you should probably never have an interest in in the first place.

In my non professional betting career, I have lost many a remote following that same lame brain bet chasing system-not to mention the money.  As a professional of over 13 years now, I have learned not only to cut my losses, but to never watch the game in the first place.  That’s a whole other topic in and of itself.

So you chased the bad beat and wouldn’t you know it, you lost that next bet too.  Now you want to break something expensive.  I say, let it go.  The bet, I mean.  Hey, if it destroying that beautiful brass statue in your indoor courtyard prevents you from chasing the next bet, break it.  Chasing bets is the direct path to sports betting hell.  It is guaranteed to bankrupt you and cause you more grief than you should have to deal with.  Trust me–I’ve more than learned my lesson doing it.

Looking at your bankroll in sports betting as something that will grow over a long period of time with ups and downs along the way should deter you from chasing bets.  What stock doesn’t have a down day?  Surely your 401k has dipped in the past.  Do you watch both in real time all the time?  Of course not.  Not watching the game you just bet on in real time is starting to sound pretty smart, isn’t it?

There are tons of chase betting systems in existence, but the worst type of chase bet is chasing a bad loss with another bad loss.  This only complicates things even more.  If you are simply throwing money on top of lost money to try and get back what you feel was ‘taken’ from you it’s probably not coming back the second time around either.  Cut your losses.  There isn’t a chase betting system on the planet that calls for doubling down blindly.

Remember the basics–solid handicapping, fundamental mathematics, money discipline.  These sports betting systems are tried and true.

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Betting The NFL–Sports Betting Systems For Week One Of The Regular Season

sports betting systems for week one

She's naked. Promise.

You have to handicap the NFL regular season much different than the preseason–you should know this already.  Starters start and play the whole game, not just quarters or halves.  The effort level of those starters is elevated, to an extent.  Crowds become a factor.  Refs have ironed out their kinks with the new rule changes.  Adapt to the changes and you’ll make some money.  But what do I look for?

What we will be looking for as Week One approaches:

How does the return of Revis affect the Jets/Ravens game, or the pattern of betting?  And Houshmandzadeh joining the Ravens….does that neutralize the fact that Revis will see time?

Does the surprise showing of the Cleveland offense make them a sharp over bet (or a straight up winner, for that matter)?

The new rule that states the backfield referee must be ‘set’ before a play can be run….will the Colts suffer all season with this new rule change?

Does Dennis Dixon stand a chance running Pittsburgh’s offense against a good Atlanta defense?

Can Derek Anderson beat the spread (Cardinals -4) against Sam Bradford’s Rams?

Lot’s to consider.  Let’s start with what NOT to look for:

1) What happened last year–don’t waste your time with this.  Past performance is a poor measure of future results, especially against the spread.  Remember the buddy you had in high school who still talks about the good ole days on the ball field and how easy it was to ‘bag’ the cheerleaders and blah blah blah?  He still lives at home, doesn’t he?  Sad.  Don’t be that guy.

2) Injuries or starters that are out in Week One–the line was most likely set with these factors in mind.  Don’t handicap your NFL betting twice….handicap your game with the understanding that lines take these things into consideration before hand.

3) Overs for the sake of betting the over—remember, the defense is always ahead of the offense when it comes to the NFL preseason carrying over to the regular season.  When in doubt, look for a sharp under bet this week, for this reason.

What you should be looking for:

1) Surprises—will Detroit really lose double digit games AGAIN this year?  Will they be equally horrible against the spread?  Might they beat Chicago at Soldier Field?  Look for the unexpected first, everything else second.

2) Weather—this should be an every week thing for you.  By the way, hurricane season starts in Miami in November.  Become your own Doppler radar when betting the NFL.

3) Second half overs—more points are scored in the fourth quarter than any other quarter.  Where will the opportunities exist to cash in on some easy second half overs?

Every sports betting system should include some type of strategy that has been tested every year.  Don’t test on the fly–you’ll learn the hard way.  Rely on past data, like we have, to formulate your theory.  Keep looking for unique opportunities and angles and play those angles once you are comfortable with what you have discovered.

We have opinions on every game during the first week of the season but only release our strongest opinions as our paid picks.  Look for them in the coming days–they’re always guaranteed.

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2010 NFL Preseason Week One Games–Tons Of Value Early

How Cute, Terrell

We never used to bet preseason NFL games.  We wouldn’t even bother checking the lines.  We would work feverishly at constructing regular season NFL betting systems up until the hour before the regular season kickoff.

Then, a funny thing occurred while applying the research we were conducting for the regular season lines to the preseason.  The statistics were overwhelmingly in our favor (in the preseason) for some NFL betting systems we had originally discovered for the regular season.  Strange, I know.

We went back and tested the sports betting systems for 20 years of NFL preseason games and the patterns we were seeing in early line setting was consistent with data we could manipulate in our favor.  Thus, our NFL preseason betting system was born.

There are certain factors that we always consider when betting preseason NFL games.  They are:

Home Field Advantage

Turf Teams vs. Grass Teams

Last Year’s Hype

Strength Of Reserves

Weather (Rain) Where Applicable

This is a short list, but there are quite a bit of conclusions to draw from each of those categories.  We could write full chapters on each variable, but that would bore even the most astute statistician in the room.  The bottom line on all of that is when searching for value in your number the aforementioned list should never be overlooked.

The first NFL preseason game in 2010 is Dallas vs. Cincinnati.  An interesting matchup, even if only interesting for one quarter.  T.O. and Ochocinco on the field together.  T.O.’s tumultuous past with the Cowboys.  Boy are the Bengals in for a surprise this season.  Terrell Owens simply cannot help himself.  I mean he is already bragging that he is the sole reason attendance has exploded at the Bengals training camp.  Poor Carson Palmer.  Hey, it looks good on paper.

Cinci -2.5

Dallas +2.5

This is a no play for us since it is being played on a neutral field.  Had this game been played in Dallas and the line stayed the same, we may have looked for some teaser options with some of the other (yet to be released) lines for NFL preseason week one betting.

There may be value in that line, but with just one game on the card we will wait patiently for the rest of the numbers to post.  If you bet during the NFL preseason, try and get in on the action early.  There will be plenty of soft lines that you will easily catch before the ‘airmoves’ take place.  Consider the strength of the reserves–they play the majority of the game in week one.

We favor point spread betting to totals when betting NFL preseason games, unless rain will be a factor.  It is harder to find value in the totals for the early preseason games because the first team plays infrequently.

If you are interested in our preseason NFL betting system, simply sign up on the right hand side of our site.  It is a high value NFL betting system that we have been using for almost a decade now.  Not only will you get the winning picks, you get the system with it.

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The 2010 NFL Betting Season Is Just Around The Corner

It is time to start thinking about football season.  I know I can’t wait.  Want to bet on your favorite football team soon?  NFL online sports betting is now available in the form of futures bets for win totals as well as NFL week one lines for the 2010 NFL football season.  Several sportsbooks that accept regular NFL wagers on sporting events around the world are beginning to offer those NFL bets for you to place.

Before I mention some well-known sites on the internet that offer NFL online sports betting, I bet you would be pleased to discover that hundreds of people from around the world consider NFL online sports betting as its rise in popularity extends outside of the United States.  Tons of have been created worldwide around the NFL betting season.  It is also a fact that NFL online sports betting offers football fans many more benefits than your local bookie could possibly offer.

Examples of those benefits are phone lines that don’t stay backed up with calls, and no worrying about collecting payments or deposits.  I would be surprised if you found a local bookie who took prop bets or futures bets as well.  Aside from that, NFL online sport betting allows you to obtain signup bonuses and even reduced vig (juice) on certain days, as well as free bets at times through customer appreciation comps or player rewards programs.

Betting NFL online sports betting early in the season gives you the chance to obtain some favorable lines or odds.   So, unlike your local bookies that know they can railroad you on a betting line for the reason that they’ve recognized that they are the only sports bookie available in town, online-based NFL sports betting provides betting lines that are similar but can also vary considerably—which leads to arbitrage opportunities as well as middling opportunities.

Now, if you are really interested to know where exactly online you can bet on your favorite football team, consider the following sports books.   These sports books are said to be two of the largest NFL online sports betting sites available.

has long been considered as a 5-star NFL online sports betting portal by many sports betting enthusiasts.  Perhaps what sets apart from its counterparts is the fact that they are much more financially solid (than their online sportsbook counterparts) and will undoubtedly pay your winnings upon request.  As they were looking for seed money in the early stages of their development they were able to solidify a financial agreement with a heavy hitter in the sports betting industry.  This loan acquisition was of an amount that guaranteed keeping them in operation long after their launch and allowed them to focus on growth and not breaking even in three months.  Aside from that, this sports betting site has a huge player base and is well-managed—it’s all sports betting industry veterans running the show there.

Today, offers up to $250 in bonuses for their bettors—almost unheard of in today’s bonus arena.  They also process deposits by way of allowing their customers to employ their checking accounts if they wish to consider instant transfer of funds.


.com is one of the best NFL online sports betting books available on the web.  Here, you will encounter faster payouts and they have a lengthy history online (they started in November 1998) which has long been appreciated by thousands of players.  They are a familiar face on the sports betting block.  Also, this NFL online sports betting site has a solid reputation for acquiring deposits and they offer a reduced vig (juice) betting option on Fridays, and reduced juice is more financially beneficial to a sports bettor than a lot of other incentives. 

.com also offers money lines on every single game and they grade games fast which means that your winnings are deposited into your account quickly and easily.  Their website interface is user friendly.  You can enjoy in-game betting, more prop bets than most sportsbooks and free bets as an incentive to have more action.

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A Variation Of The Martingale Sports Betting Systems for Betting Baseball

The Martingale sports betting systems do not work in today's betting environment. Variations on when to implement this sports betting system may increase your odds of winning sports bets when done so with proper research.


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