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Sports Betting Systems: “Middling” Defined

Middling Your Sports Bets

Middling is a word you’ll often hear when discussing sports wagering with , but what does it mean?  Middling games one of the most effective ways to make money with sports betting (if you are sharp enough to find the opportunity and capitalize on it).

Below is an example of the art of :

On college football Saturday there is a game featuring The Ohio State Buckeyes versus the Cincinnati Bearcats. The game started with the Buckeyes as a 7 point favorite. That is an essential number in football because most touchdowns lead to 7 points for the team which scored that touchdown, therefore you see that number more frequently than other numbers. There is nothing here out of the ordinary to speak of (yet).  As the game approaches, we start seeing some significant line movements, (and this may come as a surprise) but this occurs in college football games quite regularly, as there are tons of college football games to bet on every Saturday.  Significant line movements happen for any number of reasons–the line for games is set early in the week and the game is played on Saturday so a lot can transpire between the two teams within that time frame.

All of  sudden, The Ohio State Buckeyes find themselves favored by 10.5 points while they opened up at -7.  What makes this stand out is that the spread for this game has increased by three and a half points.  Three is the second magic number in college football betting (and in NFL betting as well).  Always remember 7 and 3, and you will soon have a better understanding of what middling really means.

So, you’re a sharp bettor and you bet on the Buckeyes -7, but now the spread has improved to 10.5 – how would it affect you if you now placed a bet on Cincinnati +10.5? Since your will require you to bet $110 to win $100, you will eliminate the juice you pay for one.  The bigger picture here is where this game ends up in the final score.  Since you now have two bets on both sides of this same game, you have an opportunity to ‘middle’ the game and win twice.  If the final score is Ohio State 28 Cincinnati 20, you have landed in the middle of the point spread and won big.

Since a large number of games each year tend to land on seven as the final spread, there is a high probability that you could win both bets on this game even if you took Cincinnati at +8.5 which would have been the likely third line movement for this game (assuming the spread moves in half point intervals) .  You got them at +10.5 though, increasing the probability (substantially)that you would end up middling the game and cash both tickets.

You now have provided yourself with a wonderful chance to win the two wagers by using –by middling. This game has to end with a difference between 7 and 10 points for you to win both bets. These types of chances do not usually occur when there are only a few games that day, but on football Saturday for college football the opportunities arise more frequently than any other sport.

An effective way to make the most of this (not being able to predict line movements) would be to wager the favorite earlier (such as when the line opens up) and the underdogs later in the week because the majority of the cash is likely to be bet on the favorite.  You have to suspect that you have an edge when you see an opening line that looks soft.  This is where your handicapping skills will really drive your profits since the middling technique won’t work if you don’t have an edge.  Start using these ‘middling’ methods to decrease associated risk and improve the possibility of a big win and you will generate much more income betting sports this year.

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The Art and Science of Sports Betting Systems That Produce Profits

The statistics show that most individuals in the work force who earned a college degree earn, on average, more than their non-degree earning colleagues. The statistics also show that most individuals who pursued and acquired graduate school degrees earn more, on average, than their undergraduate degree earning colleagues. The reason? They invested in their education, learned how to apply the education they earned in their respective careers and are being compensated for their efforts. There is no better investment than in your education. When applied correctly, you too will be compensated for that investment.

I have seen it all in my day with respect to sports betting systems. Some do not work. Some are no longer relevant because of the rule changes in sports. Some sports betting systems work right away only to fail in the long run. The good news is their are plenty of excellent betting systems in existence right now. Those systems are making people TONS of money, and there are thousands of people who earn a living sport betting. I can assure you that the overwhelming majority of those who do earn a living betting sports have some type of system in place that they follow verbatim. This is how you turn the life you are currently living into the dream life you could only imagine. Implement the proper systems now and you can kiss the old you goodbye.

On the scientific side of , you can start out by breaking your bankroll into 4 blocks of $250. You are only going to work with one block to begin. You can bet 5% of that first block for any given game you bet. Once you have doubled that block, add it back to your total bankroll. Now you have $1250. Break that $1250 down into four blocks, rinse, and repeat. The percentages of your bankroll that you place on each bet is up to you but I work off of 5%. The same applies to your losing streaks–just adjust your bankroll down and work the system.

Since systems like Bookie Busters cover a multitude of sports, you can apply these systems across different sports and create multiple profit streams to accelerate your income producing venture. These systems do work and they will make you money but you won’t get there without the investment in your education. I’m no good at playing tennis because I didn’t invest any time or effort in it. I never learned it. This investment into my sports betting education was the best decision I have ever made. , when applied correctly, will make you money. The choice is yours.

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Sometimes the Best Sport Bet is the One You Never Place

If you lost that first sport bet with a bad beat read this article from start to finish before considering placing that second sport bet. I am now your voice of reason. No sports betting system in the world will save you from making a rash decision about the next bet you place just to recoup your losses from the game before. Don’t place that next sport bet….at least not this second anyway.

Sure, that beat was inconceivable. It happens. It comes with the sports betting territory. Did you freak out when Research In Motion’s stock price was cut in half? You didn’t, did you? Even though it chopped your 401k up a bit? Well then, chalk it up as one loss and one loss only. There will be even more losses just as there will be more wins–some of those wins you should never have won either. Consider yourself even.

Of all the sports betting systems I have created in my lifetime, the sports betting systems that have worked the best had nothing to do with the actual game and everything to do with how I would react to the result. Yes, there are mathematical systems that are designed to win you 60% of all of the bets you place within that system, but the most important sports betting systems will win more than they lose. I am always baffled by people who can’t seem to come to grips with this fact, but I digress. Take solace in the fact that tomorrow, you will probably come out a winner! Every you place should be met with this frame of mind.

Now, you didn’t think I was going to be THAT harsh on you, did you? There are some of you who can’t resist. I know who you are. Been there, done that. For those of you who are going to chase that loss no matter what I preach, here is a strategy. Take one third of your normal bet size and place it on the team you like in game two. This way, you have action on the game but it won’t destroy you. Do NOT chase like this every night or you will lose every sport bet in the long run.

should not be difficult, but they should be implemented in a manner that protects you from yourself when they need to. Overcome enough of those bad beats and you will come out on top every time. If you are not using a sports betting system and betting blind, well, good luck. You’re gonna need it. For those of you who have taken the initial first step of implementing systems remember–sometimes the most important sport bet is the one you don’t place.

Brendon Zahrndt has seen and done it all in his sports betting career. While every sport bet is important, your approach to the outcome matters more than the itself.

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Golden Systems Bookie Buster is a sports betting newbie’s dream

Sports betting systems, no matter the strategy, are vital to longevity in sports betting. If implemented correctly, such as the ones discussed here, will produce the profits you are looking for.


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John Morrison the Sports Betting Champ’s Systems…97% Win Rate??

If it looks like you know what and it smells like you know what…….etc etc.  While I would venture to say that it is impossible to go 97% all you have to do is go into every sports betting forum on the internet to see that there are a lot of people using these sports betting systems.  There must be something that works with the so I would not pass up an opportunity to make money.  Of all of the sports betting systems that exist today this system is the most discussed and probably the most widely used.  Every sports betting forum that is worth it’s weight in gold has multiple forum topics on the Sports Betting Champ and the systems he uses.  My suggestion?  Buy it.  Once you have figured out how to use them, manipulate the systems based on your sports betting preferences and your systems will turn out, well, golden.

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