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Essential Reading–Sharp Sports Betting & The Wong Teaser

Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong

If there is one sports betting book in existence that trumps them all it would be by Stanford Wong.  Sharp sports bettors know that the name of the sports betting game is mathematical, not emotional.  When you finally figure out how to manipulate historical statistics in your favor, you have what they call an ‘edge’.  dives right into the math behind sports betting–it contains ZERO emotion and all logic.

There is a chapter in this book that contains perhaps the most profitable sports betting system in existence today–the Wong Teaser.  Mind you, there are some books in Las Vegas that are well aware of the Wong Teaser and may not allow you to place the bet because it is so profitable when placed correctly.  You may even run into trouble with some online sports betting websites when trying to place these bets.  There are plenty of other books and sites though, that will allow it time and time again.  It will be up to you to find out who those books are.  This is why we stress the importance of having multiple books–you need them for arbitrage opportunities and you will need them for this strategy as well.

Let’s not forget–these bets are called teasers for good reason.  Play them blindly or for recreation and you will go broke.  You might come close every now and then, but you will lose over the long term.  Teaser bets ‘tease’ you into believing you have a higher probability of winning with the extra points you receive.  It is quite the opposite-your probability goes down.

Teaser bets have a minimum of two teams in them.  Some online books start their teasers at a minimum of three teams.  You are given +6 for each team you tease.  There are teasers that exist giving +6.5 and +7 points as well.  Lets say you want a two team teaser at +6 and the two teams you want are the Ravens -4 and the Dolphins -1.5.  In a 6 point two team teaser, you get the Ravens at +2 and the Dolphins at +4.5.  That is how the points work with teasers.  In exchange for the extra points, the payouts are lower in teasers.  Most books offer two team teasers at -110 but some will offer even less odds, effectively reducing your likelihood of hitting a break even point.

The most crucial point regarding NFL teasers that Stanford Wong makes centers around teasers that ‘capture the 3′.  You’ll have to get the book to understand what I am talking about, but if you can effectively master your teaser bets with this strategy while also getting the most favorable terms on your bets you have given yourself a major advantage.

This teaser sports betting system is widely used by sharp bettors and should be used by you as well.  Now is the time to start doing your research regarding NFL sports betting systems so that you can implement your strategy as the season commences.  Start with –it has a wealth of sports betting systems that continue to work.

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