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Frank Belanger’s Bookie Buster-A Golden Systems Reveal

Golden Systems Bookie Buster

The following is a study on Frank Belanger’s claims that you need only learn one sports betting system to have a winning strategy. In this update, we will  include the pros and cons of Frank Belanger’s strategies for winning a bet. I mean lets face it, a bold declaration that you will never experience a loss during a betting game is something I would like to see a little bit of proof with.

is now more widely known as a book author, but his early career was spent gambling and betting sports.  We should all be so lucky.  Specifically, Frank Belanger specializes in professional and is well regarded for his consistent winnings–something most people don’t experience in a sports betting lifetime.  He put in years of trial and error, testing hypotheses after hypotheses.  He won, lost, and won again, all the while continuing to refine simple strategies that always seem to work.  Frank Belanger has now consolidated the research he performed in his career and transformed that winning prowess  into a book called the .

With the , it is said that you can now give up on collecting and struggling on how to make sense of whatever data one can find to predict future winners. The reader will also have the ability to bet without any sports handicapping skills but still achieve instant winnings. If you have read this book, you would also understand how it is virtually impossible to lose a betting game according to Frank Belanger.

Of course, if you want to talk such  big and expensive talk, you’d better be sure to walk the big and expensive walk- which is exactly what the author did. Prior to the Bookie Buster book release, Frank Belanger had already made $100,000 in 2 years simply based on the theories contained in the Bookie Buster. Now take a moment to think about how much simpler your life would be if you could make $100,000 in the next 48 months betting sports without slugging out long hours at the office.

However, as with any form of commitment, pros and cons come along as well. The is 160 pages long, but the good thing is that each page is an easy read accompanied with easy to understand formulas. For the newbies and the curious minded, there is also a comprehensive but simple introduction to the world of sports betting.  The chapters will change slightly when the updates are released, some are added, some are discarded, but the sports betting systems stay the same.

After that, Frank Belanger spends no time and dives straight into the formulas and other various staking plans you should learn based on the different sports and risk levels a gambler is willing to take. As he is a professional sports betting guru, Frank Belanger is also able to explain to you how you can use his strategies in not only one but twenty five separate sports betting systems. Do take note that Frank Belanger’s strongest point though is baseball gambling.

As you read the book you will also come to realize that the provides a flexible sort of betting criteria for the reader. There are guides on how you can win the game if you are a high risk taker with short term wants. But there are also tips on how you can make a profit if you want minimum risk but in long term returns.

In case you get confounded about the formulas and theories given, Frank Belanger also includes real life examples on how he had used certain tactics during a bet as well. And now, we get to the cons of this Review- which is that while the winning probability of the Bookie Buster is high, it is highly important to note that it is not exactly 100% proof against losing some money in the short term.  You win overall, but it won’t be at a rate of 100%.  It is also imperative to remember that this is not a get-rich-quick book, it is a book that requires hard work, patience and dedication from the reader for you have to master the book before you can actually start winning in sports betting.

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Golden Systems Bookie Buster is a sports betting newbie’s dream

Sports betting systems, no matter the strategy, are vital to longevity in sports betting. If implemented correctly, such as the ones discussed here, will produce the profits you are looking for.


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