Handicapping Packages

Golden Sports Betting Systems Handicapping Service

Brett Sollinger is Golden Sports Betting Systems senior handicapper. We retain four other junior associate handicappers to complete our team of experts.

A professional for 13 years, Brett’s handicapping expertise comes from a range of elementary to highly sophisticated concepts in statistics for both the games and teams at hand as well as the monetary inflow and tendencies of the betting public. We hear more about sample sizes and normal distribution than we could possibly stomach around here, but it makes us winners…so we’ll take it.

Our business was built offline over the years; this is our foray into the online world of sporting information.

Our single game picks and our triple play pick packages are guaranteed.

If the single game pick loses, we refund your money back 100%.

If two out of the three picks in the triple play package lose, we refund your money back 100%.

The season package is not a guaranteed package, but we do guarantee that with each sport (season packages can be purchased for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA Football & Basketball) you will receive a minimum of 2 picks every week; most weeks there will be far more.

If you would like more information regarding the services we provide, please sign up on our homepage and ask any questions you have. We will try to be diligent in our response.