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Well NFL NHL NBA MLB Betting gladly brings you a complete guide to betting on any major sports in the U.S.

Learn the basics of betting over the internet, there are many bet types to choose from straights, parlays, teasers, monster teasers, futures, proposition bets, and much more.

When you bet on any major sport in the United States, you have to be sure that you have the right tools. Information like sports odds, injury reports, schedules, past and present score, and free picks are the most. All the information that you gather will just make you a better gambler, and if you are in the look for a new sportsbook to take your business, then we might be able to help you. Take a look at our sportsbook listings, we are sure that you won't be disappointed.

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Tips for Betting on Your Own Successfully

1) Always be selective. Never bet on a large number of games--it will only hurt you in the long term;

2) Never bet or wager more than you can afford to lose;

3) If you do suffer a losing streak, never try to catch up all at once by doubling the size of your bets-instead, cut them. Successful gamblers let their winnings run while limiting their losses;

4) Avoid the dreaded Monday Night trap. Attempting to regain money lost over the weekend with a big-time Monday night play probably means more losses (and heartache) for you;

5) Subscribe to not one but several major newsletters in order to get all the statistics and information you will need to make more effective choices;

6) Also, subscribe to the top sports magazines in the field to learn even more;

7) Remember, also keep your emotions in check. Don't bet while chasing your dreams. Make sure you select the right sports service for you that will provide you the help you need to make high-percentage bets;

8) Always get the best number, shop lines between different sportsbooks, and
9) When betting on a game that involves your favorite hometown team (bettors are fans too) bet with your head, not your heart.

Football is in the midst of one of the most historic transformations in its history. As teams try to navigate through this Coronavirus pandemic world.

The lack of preseason football will be challenging for most teams especially those with rookie coaches like the browns and new offensive and defensive systems to be learned.

About Gambling Tips

The articles in Gambling Tips are intended to give the football bettor a better understanding of the ins and outs in football gambling. Whether you are a serious better, a casual bettor, or just want to know more about the world of football gambling, you should find these articles helpful. The road to success gambling is filled with pitfalls, some put there by the sportsbook, but most caused by the bettor himself. These articles will not only warn you about the pitfalls but will make you more knowledgeable so that when you do make your bets, you won't feel intimidated or confused by the gambling jargon they throw at you.

Strange But True

Reports mistakes some weekend bettors make and include a little test of your football betting knowledge.

Football Betting Primer

Basics of football betting, beginning with what you need to know first. Includes common terms used in football betting, with a full explanation of each term.

Scamdicapper Series

Everyone has encountered a scamdicapper either through the mail or advertising in newspapers or magazines. They are sports handicapping services that claim to be legitimate but are con men out to bilk the public of millions of dollars each year. See how diabolically clever they are and how to recognize and avoid them.

Can You Afford a Handicapping Service?

Shows why you'll have to bet big money if you use a handicapping service.

How to Get Along without a Handicapping Service?

You don't have to use a handicapping service to be a winner.

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning

10 Basic Guidelines from professional gamblers that will help you increase your chances of winning.

Using the Spread to Your Advantage

The spread reflects the betting public's perception of the strength of the two teams. It does not necessarily reflect the true relative strengths of the two teams. This will show you how to recognize when the public's perception is off.

Choosing the Best Spread Possible

Shopping around for a half-point difference in the spread can mean a winning season instead of a losing one.

Where to Place Your Bets

Bookies should be considered like used car salesmen. They'll try to pull a few tricks on you.

Offshore and Online Sports Books

Offshore and Online sportsbooks are convenient and there are plenty to choose from. But, are they safe?

Parlays: Part One

To parlay or not to parlay. Are all parlays bad or just some of them?

Parlays: Part Two

The parlay or football card. The great ripoff.