Bet365 odds review and Bonuses

You can also wager on categories like the top four and bottom 4 teams in certain leagues as well as a leading goal scorer in the Barclays Premier League, Npower League 1, Npower Championship, Npower League 2, Blue Square Premier League, Scottish Premier League, German Bundesliga, and the Spanish Primera. These non-traditional bets are part of the reason why some folks choose Bet365 over comparable sites that do not offer such bets. With the amount of additional propositional type bets that Bet365 offers, it is no wonder that they are one of the most well-respected sports betting sites around. Unfortunately for those from the US who are interested in Bet365, they are not able to offer their services to people residing in the United States. Almost every other country is able to bet on Bet365 though.

Live Betting

On Bet365 you can bet during matches live. The way it works is that you can bet on things like the over-under or the scoreline. Of course, as the match progresses and moves forward the odds change. For example, if a team is an underdog at the beginning of the match and is somehow winning by 2 goals late in the game, a bet on them will not yield as many winnings as it would if you would have made the bet prior to the match beginning. Live Betting is a great interactive way to make bets and is really fun to do while watching a game, especially if you are a fan of one of the teams

Sign-Up Bonus on Bet365

There is a 100% sign up bonus for new members. In order to be eligible for the bonus, you must make an initial deposit of at least 10 British Pounds and a maximum of 200 Pounds. In order to play with bonus money, a player must first play through all of the money in their initial deposit. In order to withdraw your bonus funds a player must play the money they deposited, plus the bonus money three times.

Deposit Options

Debit/Credit Card-To deposit in this manner, the player simply has to link their credit or debit card number to their account on Bet365. There is no fee to make deposits from a credit or debit card and it takes almost no time to process the deposit. There is a minimum deposit requirement of at least 5 British Pounds and a maximum deposit limit that is 20000 British Pounds.

NETeller-This form of depositing is an e-wallet that is very similar to PayPal. To actually deposit you must link your NETeller account to your Bet365 account and then everything is simple from there and there is no processing time for your funds to show up. There is no fee to deposit through NETeller and the minimum deposit is 30 British Pounds and the maximum one can deposit is 20000 British Pounds.

Moneybookers-This is another e-wallet way of depositing money into your Bet365 account. In order to be able to deposit through this method your Moneybookers account email and the email, you supplied Bet365 must be identical. Once more there is no fee to deposit through Moneybookers and the funds show up instantly. The minimum deposit is 5 British Pounds and the maximum limit is 7000 British Pounds.

PayPal-PayPal is the most commonly accepted and most often used e-wallet around. It works just like NETeller and Moneybookers in that there is no fee to deposit in this method and your funds will show up immediately. The minimum amount you can deposit through PayPal are 10 British Pounds and the maximum limit is 5500 Pounds.

Click2Pay-Click2Pay is yet another e-wallet that Bet365 uses and it follows suit with the other e-wallets in that there are no fees and the money you deposit is there right away. The minimum you can deposit is 25 pounds and the maximum is 99999 Pounds.

Ukash-Those that wish to deposit through Ukash, which is almost identical to the other e-wallets, will see that there is no fee to deposit and your funds show up right away. The minimum that you can deposit is 1 Pound and the maximum, which is sort of low, is 500 Pounds.

Paysafecard-Paysafecards are like prepaid credit cards, you buy one for a certain amount and then use that card number and deposit your funds to your Bet365 account. There is no fee to use these cards and your funds show up right away. The minimum deposit you can make is 5 Pounds and the maximum stands at 800 Pounds.

Entropay-Entropay is a prepaid Visa card that works the same way as Paysafecards. The minimum deposit you may make is 10 Pounds and the maximum is 20000 Pounds.

Wire Transfer-Bet365 offers bank transfers that link your personal bank account to their Bet365 account and can deposit funds accordingly. There is no fee when using a Wire Transfer but it will take an estimated 3-10 banking days for your funds to show up.

Fast Bank Transfer-To use a Fast Bank Transfer you have to call Bet365 and receive a 13-digit Virtual Account Number (VAN). With the VAN you are then able to deposit funds accordingly. There is no fee for deposits over 300 Pounds and the minimum deposit amount is 1 Pound and the maximum is 99999 Pounds. Your money should show up in your Bet365 account in about 1 to 3 banking days, which is much better than the 3-10 it takes with a normal wire transfer.

Check/Cheque-You can even deposit funds into your account without a fee by mailing a check to Bet365. This is the longest time out of any deposits in that it takes 5-28 banking days for your funds to arrive at your account.