The Bets Online Betting Tips and Totes

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The Best Online Betting Tips and Totes

When it comes to horse betting online there is nothing more important than picking the best online totes.  The tote is a pooled bet that is made up of all the bettors’ bets and divided amongst the winners based on the odds. 

For online punters who enjoy betting on the races, becoming familiar with Tote bets is a good idea.  You may already be familiar with Tote betting by the terms Pool betting or Pari-Mutuel betting.

The Tote board will change continuously right up until the close of betting when the race commences.  One of the reasons people enjoy placing bets on the best online totes is the excitement of not knowing exactly what the odds are for your bet until the last minute. 

This is because the odds are determined by the pool.  If there are a lot of people who make a particular bet, the payout will be less than if a long shot wins.  This is because the more people who bet, the more people will have to be paid if there is a win.  These long shots can make the best online totes.


The best online totes are made up of several different betting options including Win, Place, Exacta, Trifecta, Quadpot, Placepot, Jackpot, Scoop 6, and Swinger.  Win and Place bets are the most popular choices because they are easy to understand and rather straightforward.  So, they are perfect for novice bettors as well as experts.

Win – A win is exactly what it seems.  You choose the horse you feel will win

Place – A place bet is where you choose a horse to come in second or third though it is possible to bet on places beyond third at times.

Each Way – One of the best online Totes id the Each Way bet which combines the win and place bets.


Exacta – The exacta means picking exactly the first and second place winners of a race.

Trifecta – The trifecta takes the exacta and adds one more so the first through third winning spots have to be picked in their correct order.

Quadpot – The quadpot is one of the best online Totes because it is typically inexpensive yet is still a lot of fun.  You choose horses to win or place in each of four races from the 3rd to 6th in order to cash in on the bet.

Placepot – the Placepot is a variation on the Quadpot but requires the punter to choose a horse for each of all 6 races for a given day of racing.  If their chosen horse in each race places in a payout position, the punter wins.  If even one horse does not, they will lose their winnings.

Jackpot – The tote jackpot requires the punter to select a winner from each race for an entire racing day or 6 races.  While difficult to do, the winnings for the Tote Jackpot are excellent. 

Many horse race punters will put a small Tote Jackpot bet in for the day’s race as well as individual races because a Tote Jackpot bet can be started for little money and even a small bet can mean a big win.

Scoop 6 – The Scoop 6 is a variation of the Tote Placepot and Tote Jackpot.  This is a more exotic bet and is typically only allowed on races where there is a bigger pool, such as a Saturday run with televised coverage and live betting happening in many locations, rather than just at the track. 

In a Scoop 6, the punter must choose the winner of all 6 of the day’s races to win.  Choose right, and the winnings can be excellent but even one slip up and the entire wager is lost.

Swinger – The tote Swinger is the most exotic of all the tote bets, whether at the race track or online.  In this sports bet, the punter chooses two horses that will place in the top three.  If they do, the punter wins and the winnings are paid out differently depending on the place of the two horses in the top three.  1-2 finishes tend to pay out the best and one horse typically must take the top spot for a payout to happen.

Online Tennis Betting and Tennis Betting Online

Tennis is a fast-paced sport that many online punters enjoy betting on. This is especially true when it comes to the US Open.  However, tennis players compete around the world at some of the most significant tourneys around. 

Whether you actually want to show your national pride by punting on an athlete, wager on the front runner in the US Open, or simply have a love of the game, tennis betting will make the game all the more exciting.  Plus, with the accessibility of online betting, you can indulge whenever you want.

Singles, doubles, men, women tennis betting

Tennis is actually and really one of the few sports that has several categories within the sport.  First, the sport is divided between singles and doubles.  In singles, it is an exciting matchup between two skilled players vying to see who will show supremacy.    

Then, there are both men’s divisions and women’s divisions for singles and doubles.  Add to this mixed doubles and you have an exciting array of punting possibilities. 

Some punters enjoy one category over the other while others simply enjoy the sport in all its incarnations. Regardless, with the abundance of various tennis matches available for tennis betting, there is sure to be something to interest all.

Championship tennis betting

Matches are fun to bet on regardless but nothing provides more excitement than the matches leading up to and including the big championships.  The precursor matches are a great indicator of how the top players may perform in the championships.  However, part of the thrill is betting on the long shots that may be a crown favorite but who have not lived up to their potential for the season.  Betting on these long shots may be a risk but one that will pay off quite well if the player improves their game enough to put up a good showing in the championship. 

Some of the significant tourneys that draw a lot of tennis betting include Wimbledon, US Open, French Open, and the ever-popular US Open.

US Open

While tennis lovers follow matches around the world, there is no doubt that the US Open draws many more people to bet.  It is one of the most historic and important tennis championships from around the world but it is actually and really also one of the most popular sporting events in the Tennis world whether you are a consistent fan of tennis or not.

 It is the beginning of the big Grand Slam tournaments and a possible indicator of how players will perform in the upcoming big tourneys.

Types of tennis betting

There are many different matches and tournaments to bet on which makes tennis betting all the more exciting.  Added to that, though, is the amount of different bets you can choose from when tennis betting.  Outright bets, match bets, set bets, lay bets , and live betting are some of the options available to online punters for tennis betting.

Outright bets can be placed on individual players to be in the finals of a championship

Match bets will allow the punter to choose winners from each of the individual matches, regardless of the outcome of the tourney

Set bets are a lot of fun and allow you to choose scores and winners by sets in a particular match.

For a fun twist, some bookmakers even allow lay bets which lets you pick the loser as opposed to the winner of a tournament.

There are even some bookmakers that allow live betting which is an exciting way to bet as the action unfolds.  This is a great way for expert punters to analyze odds as they rapidly change throughout the course of play.

Some of the most famous and notable tennis players come from The US so it is no wonder tennis betting is as prevalent as it is.  With online bookmakers, tennis betting is easy and convenient for all the matches and tournaments in the US and around the world.

Mobile Betting At the GAME at the PUB ANYWHERE

Everyone is on the go these days which is why mobile betting was developed – to satisfy the demand of players on the go.  Mobile betting is a convenient, easy to use, and fun way to get news, watch statistics, place bets, make deposits, and track your activity all on your cell phone. 

With mobile betting, anyone who has a smartphone, tablet, PDA or other mobile devices can manage their bets with ease – any time, any place.  Mobile betting may be the wave of the future – but it is here now!  Start betting on your favorite races and sporting events today!

How do you get started?

Mobile betting is also known as cell phone gambling or wireless betting and it is a means of placing bets via your mobile device such as your cell phone.  Today there are many devices that are capable of accommodating mobile betting:  Android, Blackberry, iPhones, iPad, cell phones, tablets, PDA’s.

 It is likely that the cell phone you use every day has mobile betting capabilities.  You do not need any special software or additional accounts.  You can and actually just simply log into your existing account and start betting whether you are at home, work, commuting, or traveling on holiday.


Mobile betting for sports

You may be missing your favorite game but you don’t have to miss out on betting on it.  No matter where you are – in a pub, at home, or on the road you can still place your bets.  With mobile betting, you simply log into your account, check odds, make deposits if needed, and place your bets.  It’s that simple!  With mobile betting you can get bet on:

NFL – Need stats, injury reports, or ladder standings?  Use mobile betting to get the news you need to place your bets.

NBA – Check the draw, ladder, and odds on your favorite teams then use mobile betting to place your wager. 

MLB – Use mobile betting to wager on baseball Men’s Team and college baseball team games.

Golf – Check the standings and bet on the players in PGA tournaments and players worldwide with mobile betting.

Tennis – The US Open is always a crowd favorite.  Mobile betting will always keep you up to date and allow you to bet when you want.

Boxing – Who are the up and comers?  Who are the long shots?  Get up to date results immediately and place bets anywhere with mobile betting.

And more – check to see if your favorite sport is available for mobile betting.  Many of the best sites have all the popular sporting events in the US and around the world that you can bet on.

Mobile betting for horse races

US Punters love going to the track to watch – and bet on – the horses.  But when you can’t be there in person you don’t have to miss out on the excitement of betting. 

Just take out your cell phone or other mobile device and log in to your account.  Then you can choose the race; get news and odds to place bets on your favorite horse.  With mobile betting, you can be anywhere and still enjoy wagering even if you can’t be there.  You have the option of making:

Individual bets – Single out a race and place a bet on which horse you want to win with cell phone betting.

Accumulator bets – You are not limited to single bets but can even use mobile betting for multiple bets and races.

Tote bets – Jackpots, place pots, quaddies, trifectas, exactas, and specialty bets are all available through your handheld device with mobile betting.

Check mobile betting to see what is available

While racing and sports are the most popular types of mobile betting, there are also other areas that you can use mobile betting for including financial betting, current events, politics, and the entertainment industry. 

Mobile betting is getting more popular so most betting sites offer it.  But not all mobile betting is equal. 

Some mobile betting sites offer limited functions while others have a full range of capabilities from news to banking and of course, betting.  But one thing is certain – once you see how easy to use, convenient, and fun mobile betting is, you will never go back.

Boxing Online Betting

Boxing betting is a worldwide institution, where more money changes hands from the betting than the sport itself at times.  Because of boxing betting, there have been bruises to the sport many times over the years as well. 

However, it has not stopped the appeal of boxing or the practice of betting on the sport.  Even today with other similar sports creeping in on boxing, the sport is still incredibly popular around the world and boxing betting is as strong as ever. 

Because of the international appeal of the sport, boxing events happen year-round and therefore can be a standard, almost weekly, bet for the boxing punter.  From more local events to televised events that seem to stop the world, boxing is a fun sport to watch and an excellent one to bet on as well.

Boxing Betting Availability

One of the best and greatest things about boxing betting is the sheer number of available bets a punter can place.  In fact, the biggest issue is being overwhelmed with choices at times. 

With multiple sanctioning and governing bodies, not to mention good coverage of amateur matches, there are matches happening all around the world with many happening at any given time. 

Local sanctioned fights could be scheduled on the same day as sanctioned fights in the UK or the USA very easily.  Because of this, choosing fights can be difficult but there is always some type of boxing betting going on.  Using online boxing betting sites gives the punter access to every fight in the world typically though some will be featured. 

For online punters, the big national fights are some of the best to bet on.  The timing will fit the punter’s schedules better for those who wish to watch the outcome of the fight they are betting on and the coverage of the boxing match will be better leading up to the event giving the punter the most information possible about the matchup.

 The only exception would be internationally recognized title fights where the entire world is glued to their TV’s in anticipation of the match and the match itself.

Boxing Betting Options

While it may not seem as obvious, there are actually a number of betting options available for boxing betting.  Most people who have placed a boxing punt have done the classic win/loss bet and have either seen their bet disappear or a profit comes in from that bet. 

This is the classic bet that online bookmakers as well as the pub’s bookmaker, not to mention friendly bets, have done for many years.  However, there are many who have taken to be more specific than simply choosing a winner or loser of a fight.  Based on previous matches and other factors, many boxing bet takers will give different odds for different rounds of a fight.

 Choose not only the fighter but the round they win in and the payout goes up, sometimes quite a bit.  Likewise, choosing the fighter and the way they win, whether it’s a knockout, TKO, or decision, can yield an extra bit of profit on a boxing match. 

With these options, boxing betting makes the punter even keener to watch the boxing match they bet on, hoping for the outcome as well as when and how it happens.

In some situations, there will be multiple fights on a night’s bill.  In these situations, some online bookmakers will actually take bets similar to those for horse racing, allowing a punter to up their odds by picking the winners of multiple fights for the evening. 

Get them all right and the payout can be huge all the while not having to actually put much in to start with to make the bet.  


Boxing Betting – Conclusion

With such a rich history both for the sport and the betting associated with it, it is no wonder that boxing betting is so popular.  Compared to other sports, boxing betting is much more international, with online betting on boxing about the same as other countries that allow legalized sports betting.

  With events happening so often and year-round, boxing betting is very consistent and sports better looking for a weekly bet that they can do each week should absolutely consider boxing betting as their sport of choice.

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